Founded on 06.04.94, the purpose of INOR is to be a Third-Party Certification Body to act in areas of compulsory and voluntary certification.
Accredited [National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology] on 01/23/96 as an Organismo de Certificação de Produto[Product Certification Body] (OCP-0008).

Legal Status

INOR is a nonprofit Body, registered with the 1st Civil Registry of Legal Entities - Registry of Deeds and Documents, under No. 175349, published in the Official Gazette – São Paulo 104 (76), Tuesday, April 26, 1994, enrolled with the CNPJ (National Directory of Legal Entities) under No. 00.056.274/0001-00.

Assets and revenues

To ensure and maintain its structure, the assets and revenue of INOR consist of the assets and rights transferred to it by the results of the exercise of its activities, the contributions paid by its members, official and private donations and grants, income surplus, and revenue from agreements with any national, foreign or multinational bodies.

General Statements

INOR's policy, procedures and administration are non-discriminatory so that everyone has access to its services. INOR maintains its services so as not to create inappropriate conditions, whether financial or others, to the performance and develops its activities, in compulsory and voluntary areas, based on its Scope of Accreditation with the Inmetro and based on criteria established with entities interested in developing a certification process. Jobs performed by INOR are unique, regardless of the size of interested parties or their participation in any association or group; it is a continuous work, irrespective of the number of certificates or statements issued and also regardless of the amount of products listed in its scope of Accreditation.