Field of activity


INOR acts as:

OCP under No. 0008 - Organismo de Certificação de Produto [Product Certification Body] - Third party, private or mixed, non-profit Public body, accredited by the General Coordination for Accreditation of INMETRO (Cgcre), according to the criteria established by this latter, based on principles and policies adopted under the SBAC (sistema brasileiro de avaliação da conformidade [Brazilian system on conformity assessment]).


The main goal of INOR is to work in product certification. It is an institute accredited [National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology] and develops its work in accordance with the agreements in force and its accreditation scope.

In the case of development of other certification activities not related to General Coordination for Accreditation of INMETRO (Cgcre), INOR will use its own Conformance Mark and the use thereof is associated to the Regulation on the use of the Conformance Mark.

In order to achieve its purposes, INOR actively participates in technical standardization activities at ABTN [Brazilian Technical Standards Association], technical sub committees, study commissions and working groups.