The market has demanded more quality in products and services for ever lower prices from the companies.
An alternative to cope with these pressures would be the certifications, a tool capable of increasing corporate competitiveness.
Currently the trend is to spread the idea of product certification, driven by the pressures that come from the consumer market or the need for the Government to ensure health, safety and environmental protection to its citizens, and to prevent harmful trade practices.
Based on the market and focused on Health and Safety, words that are present in its corporate name, INOR has been increasing its accreditation scope with Inmetro and developing other activities independently (using its Conformity Seal).

When performing a job, INOR adopts criteria according to which products or services are assessed as set forth in specific documents, including:
1. Ordinances, Rules and Regulations, issued by Inmetro;
2. Product Technical Standards (voluntary certification) or
3. Procedures developed between INOR and other stakeholders with the aim of developing a certification process.

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